김주미 (Eng: Kim Jumi, also known as Zuny) is a sub vocalist and the maknae of LADIES' CODE.


She was born in Gwangju, South Korea, on December 8th, 1994.[2]

She attended JOY Dance & Plug In Music Academy.[3]

Before joining Polaris, she was a BigHit Entertainment trainee.[4]

Music career

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On February 20th, 2017, Zuny was featured on a short skit on Han Heejun's album Innocent Love, called Skit : To U.

On April 23rd, she was featured in the music video for Han Heejun's song Springkle You, featuring NOV.

In mid-April, it was announced that Zuny would be debuting as an actress in the web movie Memoria Tempus - Memory of Time. Filming for the movie began on April 26th.[5] The movie was uploaded to YouTube on July 13th, 2017.[6]

The drama 4 Different Houses was announced in November, starring Zuny and Jaejin (FTISLAND). It premiered on January 29th, 2018. The following day, the song Like A Star from the first part of the soundtrack was released.


  • She has a younger sister named Juri and two younger brothers.[7][8]
  • Zuny originally shared a dorm room with Sojung, but now has her own room.[9][10]
  • At the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on April 1st, 2014, LADIES' CODE performed before the beginning of the LG Twins baseball game. The girls wore jerseys with their names on the back along with a number. Zuny's number was 16.
  • Her nickname is Kim Cool, due to her cool and laidback personality.[11]
  • She is commonly referred to as "handsome" due to her prominent facial features. Zuny plays along with it and even calls herself "oppa" along with the other members.[11][12]
  • She loves Mickey Mouse and has an extensive collection of merchandise. She also has Hello Kitty and One Piece collections.[10]
  • She has two known tattoos:[13]
    • the words "The Lord is always with me" in cursive letters on the back of her right shoulder
    • a cross on the back of her left shoulder


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