STRANG3R[1] is a LADIES' CODE EP and the second part of the Healing Trilogy[2].

The album was announced in late September. In early August, on Idol Vocal League - Smells Like Girl Spirit, Sojung responded to a comment about her dyed hair that it was for the group's new concept. Sure enough, after the final episode, the comeback was announced.[3]

After several teasers in early October, STRANG3R was released on October 13th, 2016, along with the music video for The Rain, the title track. Promotions began right away.[4]

The physical album includes a photobook, a poster, and the CD containing all 3 tracks as well as the remixes from the MYST3Re: single. They are included on the physical version of the album only.[5][6][7]


  1. Lorelei
  2. The Rain
  3. Jane Doe
  4. My Flower (Blossom Mix) (CD Only)
  5. Galaxy (the 3dge Mix) (CD Only)
  6. Chaconne (Arieta Mix) (CD Only)


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