MYST3RY[1] is LADIES' CODE's first album following the loss of EunB and Rise.

The single was announced in early January. It was also clarified that no new members would be added and LADIES' CODE would continue as a trio.[2]

After several teasers in mid-February, MYST3RY was released on February 24th, 2016, along with the music video for Galaxy, the title track, and promotions began right away.[3]

The physical album includes a photobook, a poster, and the CD containing all 3 tracks.[4][5]

A remix album, MYST3Re:, was released in late March.

After the conclusion of their activities, it was revealed that MYST3RY was the first part of a three-part project.[6] The project is referred to as the Healing Trilogy.[7]


  1. My Flower
  2. Galaxy
  3. Chaconne


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