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A video to Lavelys - October 21st, 2013.

레블리 (Eng: Lavely) is the official name of the LADIES' CODE fan club. It is a combination of the words "ladies" and "lovely".

On the LADIES' CODE Daum Cafe, a poll was held from April 12th to April 18th, 2013, for members of the cafe to decide the fan club name.[1] A total of 169 votes were cast. On April 26th, it was announced that "레블리" (Lavely) was the winner.[2]

The name "LADYSH" had received 31% of the votes, when "Lavely" only received 16%. It is unknown why Lavely was decided over LADYSH.


Name Meaning # of votes % of votes
LADYSH combination of "ladies" and "cherish" 53 31
레블리 (Eng: Lavely) combination of "ladies" and "lovely" 27 15
레이디퍼스트 (Eng: Ladies First) LADIES' CODE is first to fans, and fans are first to LADIES' CODE 25 14
레코드 (Eng: LaCode) shortened Korean name for LADIES' CODE 22 13
코드넘버원 (Eng: Code Number One, code1) LADIES' CODE and fans are one code, the best code, the number one code. Also a reference to the album CODE#01 Bad Girl 20 11
ID Codes (passwords) will always be together with ID's (usernames) 12 7
First Code LADIES' CODE is first to fans, and fans are first to LADIES' CODE 10 5


Lavely poll-0

Poll results

  • The percentages listed in the Daum Cafe results are rounded down and do not add up to 100%. More accurate percentages can be seen in the pie chart on the right.
  • According to Ashley, Lavely's fan color is purple.[3]


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