치유 3부작 (Eng: Healing Trilogy) was LADIES' CODE's three-part project that began in February 2016, and ended in March 2018.

The trilogy was supposed to contain three albums. Only two have been released; MYST3RY and STRANG3R, which both have three songs and contain the number "3" as a replacement for the "E" in their album titles. The albums are accompanied by a triangular logo. It also reflects the fact that there are three living members of LADIES' CODE.

The third album was planned to be released in the first half of 2017. Ashley said this album would have a "mysterious and dreamy style", like the other albums in the series.[1]

However, on Arirang Sound K radio, Ashley announced that the group's fanmeet CODE#R3BORN, held on March 7th, 2018, would serve as the final part of the Healing Trilogy, and that there would not be a third album.[2][3]

While the name "healing trilogy" can be interpreted as the girls continuing to heal from their accident, Sojung stated that she wants their music to heal the listener.[4] She also described the trilogy as a way to be closer with their fans.[5]


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