Music Videos

Thumbnail Song Title Date Album Director
Badgirlmv 나쁜여자 130307 CODE#01 나쁜여자 Song Won-Young
Anullaemv 안울래 130426 CODE#01 나쁜여자 Unknown
Hateyoumv Hate You 130806 Hate You Digipedi
Prettymv 예뻐 예뻐 130904 CODE#02 PRETTY PRETTY Digipedi
Sowonderfulmv So Wonderful 140213 So Wonderful Kim Zero
Kisskissmv KISS KISS 140807 KISS KISS Digipedi
Iftymv I'm Fine Thank You 140916 CODE#02 PRETTY PRETTY Unknown
Illsmilemv 아파도 웃을래 150907 아파도 웃을래 Unknown
Galaxymv Galaxy 160224 MYST3RY Jo Beom-jin
Therainmv The Rain 161013 STRANG3R Digipedi

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