최빛나 (Eng: Choi Bitna, also known as Ashley) is the second vocalist and the leader of LADIES' CODE.


She was born in Incheon, South Korea on November 9th, 1991, but moved to Queens, New York when she was young.[2][3] She’s fluent in both Korean and English, but also knows basic Japanese and Spanish.

Prior to her debut, she was best known for her k-pop dance covers on her YouTube channel “ashleych0i”, which she started in 2007.[4]

Before joining Polaris, she was a trainee at Cube Entertainment.[5]

Music career

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Ashley was featured on a HUMMING URBAN STEREO song with Brown Bunny, called HAWAIIAN COUPLE, released on May 21st, 2014.

In late November 2016, it was announced that Ashley would be a DJ on Arirang's K-Poppin' radio show, along with DJ Isak (Isak N Jiyeon). She was on the show until mid-March 2017.

Starting in early February 2017, Ashley was an MC on Arirang's Stylecast show, along with Alexander (U-KISS). Her final episode as an MC was released in late June.

Ashley was once again a radio DJ starting in August 2017 for Double Date on tbs eFM. She co-hosts the show along with Kevin Oh.


  • Her cousin chose her and her brother's English names when they moved to America.[6]
  • She has a younger brother named Tyler.[7][8]
  • She has a dog named Kiwi.[9]
  • Ashley has loved Sailor Moon ever since she was young and has an extensive collection of merchandise.[10]
  • Ashley shared a dorm room with Sojung before the group debuted. She then shared her room with EunB and Rise, but now has her own room.[11][12][8]
  • She also really loves sweet potatoes.[13]
  • At the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on April 1st, 2014, LADIES' CODE performed before the beginning of the LG Twins baseball game. The girls wore jerseys with their names on the back along with a number. Ashley's number was 11.
  • She has four known tattoos:[14]
    • a small cross on the inside of her right wrist
    • a peace sign on the inside of her left wrist
    • a mandorla behind her left ear
    • an unknown design on the back of her neck


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